Joshua Anders, IT Consultant

Joshua Anders

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I'm a Senior Engineer at and an independent consultant, specializing in systems architecture, software development, and security strategies. With over a decade of experience, I deliver robust solutions for Fortune 500 companies and startups alike.

Areas of Expertise

I'm highly proficient in:

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Consulting Services

Over the years, I have delivered high-value projects for clients in the US, Europe, and Australia:

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Mentorship and Community Engagement

My passion to educate has driven me to mentor more than a hundred middle and high school students through FIRST Robotics, a nationwide non-profit that teaches robotics and STEM skills. This continues to enhance my technical and leadership skills.

Web-Based Tools

I've developed a suite of web-based tools to assist in network diagnostics, package tracking, and more. These tools demonstrate my approach to practical problem solving and are available for you to use.

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